BBC Group is a top-notch cryptocurrency company that provides a secure and stable platform for digital finance. It claims to provide a highly advanced but customer-friendly experience while trading and managing cryptocurrencies. This platform primarily deals with two unique ERC20 tokens: Gold and Lithium. These two tokens have been built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering high-level security and stability.

Crypto Development Agency Service Used

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About our company

The company partnered with Crypto Development Agency in early 2023 to boost its pre-sales investment and find new markets for growth, along with public relations and investor relations work.

Before coming to us, the client discussed this with several crypto development and crypto promotion agencies. But the company couldn’t find any successful roadmaps or strategies from them. When BBC Group management and authorities talked to us about our expertise and capability in handling such a project, we first understood their objectives and what they were expecting from us. After two rounds of discussion, we discussed with our professionals and created a comprehensive plan for BBC Group. We submitted that strategic plan to them and made them understand how we could implement it. Finally, they approved and stayed supportive of our effort. Once we got the nod from them, we started working on the submitted plan and arranged the manpower and resources in an orderly fashion.

Its an approach that the bring to gather the best financial planning top and the best investment management

Crypto Promotion

Crypto Promotion is central to the running of any crypto business. Because you can achieve project promotion and identify potential investors among them. As the Presale was an important deadline for the project, the company wanted to have decent exposure to potential customers and investors. So, we guided our efforts to have a strong online campaign for the BBC Group and its Gold and Lithium Tokens.

 Before partnering with us, BBC Group’s social media presence was very limited on LinkedIn and Twitter. We immediately made efforts to build a strong community across these platforms to increase brand engagement and bring out massive follower growth. Crypto Development Agency’s combined paid and organic social media campaigns brought decisive results.

The range of services we offer under Crypto Promotion includes:

To achieve consistent monthly organic traffic growth and improve clients search rankings for the targeted keywords, we concentrated on the following areas:

Crypto Development Agency maintained a decent and result-driven collaboration with BBC Group, which was a win-win situation for both of us.